The Shux Story

 When I was a teen, I was diagnosed with a condition that led to permanent hair loss. I went through surgeries and many other treatments to treat the hair loss, all of which were unsuccessful. This left me feeling frustrated and insecure with low self esteem for many years. Because of this condition, I am very mindful of keeping my head protected and hair styled perfectly to withstand any weather change. Through my years suffering from hair loss, something inside of me knew that this negative would be turned into something positive in my life. I knew this adversity was setting me up for something big. These thoughts help me stay strong, positive, and confident.

Fast forward a few years ago: I was attending a concert and got caught in a sudden rainstorm. Frantically reaching to cover my head with my pocketbook, I realized I needed something I could easily carry with me that would keep my head covered during unexpected weather changes like this. That’s when I developed the portable magnetic hood. Something I can carry with me while commuting, shopping, sending the kids to school. From that idea, my partner Mike and I created many new products centered around portability, and Shux was born.

May Shux give you the confidence, security and convenience it gives me while “on the go”!

—Jennifer Romano, Founder