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The SHUX Story

When I was a teen, I was diagnosed with a condition that led to permanent hair loss. I went through several surgeries and many other treatments to stop the hair loss, all of which were unsuccessful. Because of this condition, I have always been very mindful of keeping my head protected and hair styled to withstand any weather change. Through my years of suffering from hair loss, I knew this adversity would be turned to something positive, and this belief helped me stay strong and positive. 

A few years ago I got caught in a sudden rainstorm. Frantically reaching to cover my head with my purse, I realized I needed something I could easily carry with me that would keep my head covered during unexpected weather changes. I decided I would focus my energy on turning this adversity into a positive and figure out a solution. After much trial and error, I developed SHUX’s first product in 2016, the portable magnetic hood, something to carry with me while exercising, commuting, shopping and sending the kids to school. 

I liked the idea of unpacking (shucking) items from their own pouch, so I began developing a patented line of products designed to easily fold and pack away into their own pouch, and SHUX was born. 

I hope you enjoy your SHUX purchase and hope it brings you confidence and convenience.  Feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think!

—Jennifer Romano, Founder