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Packable Attachable Hood - Unisex

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We all have a jacket or coat that doesn't have a hood. Introducing the first of its kind, The Shux Portable Adjustable Hood.

If you’ve ever wished you could add a hood to a jacket or coat that didn’t come with one, we've got the answer. Our Attachable Hood easily attaches to any jacket, coat or shirt with our patented magnetic technology.  At the base of the attachable hood are extra-strong magnets that connect on the outside and inside of any collar, securely locking your hood into place.

The neckline of the attachable hood is designed to fit low so that the hood overlaps your collar with enough coverage to keep you dry and protected.  We've added a number of adjustable pull tabs on the front and back of the hood to create a customized fit that will keep your hood in place when you're on the move. Reflective print on the front and the back of the hood provides increase visibility in the early morning or later evening.

When you're not using your Attachable Hood it easily packs away into a built-in carry pouch with a carabiner clip, so you can clip it to a bag or store it in a pocket.

  • Premium performance quality
  • Water repellant outer shell
  • Wrinkle resistant fabric
  • Integrated magnetic lock system
  • Adjustable brim and jaw pulls
  • Built-in pouch and fastener clip

Watch a full demonstration of how the Attachable Hood works.


Take a closer look at how the attachable hood locks onto your collar with magnetic technology.